Wonders of the Galaxy: A Collection of Cosmic Tales Epic Book Launch–Plus a sneak peek!

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I don’t have much time today to write, but I wanted to share with you an out of this world story collection called Wonders of the Galaxy which features story’s from several different authors! So without further ado… let’s go!

The Bookish Details

Book:  Wonders of the Galaxy

Author: Various Elk Lake Authors

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Release date: September 15, 2021

From The Back Cover

We are a people of stories. We use them to entertain, to teach, and to instruct. Sometimes they warn us of the dangers of wandering too far into the woods, or they can be a detailed story to explain how magnificent landscapes came to be. Story has always been the way we pass time, the way we connect to each other, and most importantly, how we promote our values.

Parables, especially, have a dual purpose. Not only do they keep us entertained, but they also make a point. Consider Aesop’s Fables—tales of talking animals who learn valuable life lessons.

Jesus used parables, too. The people who followed him were hungry to understand life and what was beyond. So Jesus did what every great teacher does—he used the power of story. With common characters and conflicts, he wove tales that made complex spiritual issues easier to understand.

Collected for you here are several parables set in far-away galaxies, on fascinating planets, and in the coldest depths of space. Characters. Conflict. Enlightenment.

A series of space tales based on parables from the Holy Bible.

Here’s a Special Sneak Peek!

Wonders of the Galaxy: A Collection of Cosmic Tales Excerpt Six

The Prodigal Pilot by Aaron D. Gansky

(Part Two)

Four fat hands fastened themselves to my ankles and wrists, and with a sharp tug, Carl

yanked me from the bunk to the cold, metal grated floor.

I’d had enough of his name calling and abuse. Scrambling to my feet, I fired a quick uppercut

beneath his smug, pointy chin. He stumbled back on his fat feet; his toes curled, and grabbed the

grating of the floor for support and balance. I punched again, this time in his gut. His greasy fur

tickled my fist as it sank into the soft flesh of his abdomen. But, as hard

as I’d hit him, he didn’t move. Graciously, he let me hit him two or three more times before he hit me back.

Humans should not fight Atraxians.

Speculative Trades by Brett Heaston

(Part One)

I open my eyes. “You still want to trade?” I ask. Atilio sits

up straight and nods. “We need your help. The Carax system is being plundered.”

“By whom?” I ask. I might as well have some fun.

“We don’t know, but we believe it is the Hyaks.”

I cross my arms and lock my jaw, because he is correct.

“Their cruiser, the Satisfaction, has advanced Corian shields, and it has ion cannons.

Did you miss any of the other stops on the Book Launch Tour? Here’s the links to the other excerpts on the Tour!

Stay tuned – excerpts coming soon!

Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/Wonders-Galaxy-Collection-Cosmic-Tales-ebook/dp/B098NDHSQ7

About The Authors

Jason William Karpf is a multitalented actor, musician, professor, and Jeopardy champion whose writing runs the gamut from true crime to speculative fiction.

Aaron Gansky is an award-winning novelist and Dungeons and Dragons whiz who lives for his children, coaching football, and watch Marvel movies.

Erica Marie Hogan’s books range from long ago historical dramas to frozen fantasies on faraway planets. Regardless of where the story originates, it comes from the heart—because Erica believes genres are transcendent.

Brett Heaston is the creator of the Message to Kings podcast and the author of The Resilience Awakening. He lives in the Pacific Northwest, a history nerd, and an adventure junkie.

Steve South is a traveler, a karaoke singer, and a profound believer in the power for stories to move people; his first novel, The Queen of Steel and Fire, won the 2019 Minnesota Author Project Award for YA fiction.

L.G. Westlake lives in the “Land of Enchantment,” but also lives a dream life in far-flung galaxies where she regularly charts the unknown; her previous novels have included award-winning fantasies and thrillers.

M B Dahl is a wife, mother, and award-winning author of dystopian adventures. She loves dressing up like a warrior and fighting dragons, imaginary or real.

T.E. Bradford is an international bestselling author, a Selah award finalist, and a self-proclaimed geek who believes her writing is “a little piece of magic” given to her by God.

Travis W. Inman has been a cowboy, a missionary, a soldier, and more in his multi-storied career, and his stories reflect his diverse background. In his spare time, he searches for hidden treasure, both financial and culinary.

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